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Spider Control Service in Naples FL and Nearby Cities

Living in Florida, you are most likely familiar with creatures and critters that crawl. One of the most common pests found in the Sunshine State is the spider, and it also happens to be one of the most unsettling.
There are over ten thousand species of arachnid around the world. In our state, there are a number of venomous species – including the southern black widow, the northern black widow, the red widow, the brown widow, and the brown recluse. These are intruders you definitely don’t want in your home.
In most cases, the presence of spiders is preceded by other pests because spiders feed on insects. So, spiders will instinctively flock to where the food source lives.


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How Do Spiders Get In?

Spiders find a way into your abode through gaps around door and window frames. They can also get in through poorly screened windows that are open. They can also sneakily appear by hitching a ride on outdoor items that you bring inside.
Some species of spiders enjoy dark and moist areas, like basements and crawl spaces, and others prefer dry and warm areas like air vents, attics, and ceiling corners. But something all spiders have in common is that they typically hide in dark areas.
If you see an abundance of spiders, it’s likely that you have an infestation. You may also spot webs and cases of eggs.

How to Get Rid of Spiders?

There are quite a few preventative measures that you can take to ensure spiders get out and stay out of your home. You can:
  • Keep your home clean to remove a spider’s hiding places.
  • Seal all food in your pantry to ward off other bugs (a spider’s food source).
  • Check window and door frames to make sure they are adequately sealed.
  • Remove all vegetation directly outside of your home (spiders like to hide in the dark and moist area underneath it).
  • Turn off all outdoor lights (spiders don’t like the light, but their prey does).
These are measures you can take for an errant spider here or there. But, for a serious infestation, get in contact with Definitive Pest Control, the number one pest control service in Southwest Florida.

Spider Control In Your Home

Spiders are guests that you never invited. If they’ve overstayed their welcome at your home, call Definitive Pest Control to get rid of them. We can quickly, safely, and efficiently eliminate all spiders and make sure they stay away with routine maintenance.
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