How to Choose the Right Pest Control Company for Your Home or Business in Southwest Florida

how to choose the right pest control company for your home or business

Pest infestations are an extremely stressful experience, and you need the right pest control company on your side to remedy the situation. Definitive Pest Control is here to share how to choose a reputable company that’s right for you!

Choosing the Right Pest Control Company in Southwest Florida

When you choose a good pest control company, take a look at five different factors. Those factors include:

Their Reputation 

Online reviews will give you an idea of the consensus of public opinion of a business. By checking Google Reviews, Yelp, and even Facebook Business Pages, you get a feel for the company and how they do their work – whether they’re worth your time and money or if they’re not. If you have more than one pest control candidate in mind, take a look at their reviews (especially the most recent ones) to see how they rank.

Personal references are also a great place to start. If people you know had a good experience with a pest control company, they probably won’t hesitate to share that with you.

Their Licenses and Certifications 

Each state requires pest control companies to carry certain licenses. Before signing on with a business, ensure they are accurately licensed and certified to do the work they promise.

Their Specialties

There are many pest control companies that handle every pest under the sun, but some specialize in certain pests like termites, rodents, ants, spiders, or cockroaches, and use specific methods to eliminate them. If you have a pest-specific problem, consider looking into a company that concentrates on the specific creature you’re having an issue with.

Pest Control Methods They Use

Before a pest control company can exterminate the pests, they need to complete a thorough inspection – and this inspection takes experience and time, which means it should not be free. Be wary of companies that offer free inspections, even though it may sound like a good deal. After the inspection, chat with the pest control professional about the methods they plan to use, whether it involves pesticides and prevention methods for the future. request a free pest inspection

Their Liability 

Pest control companies are legally required to carry general liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation insurance. Before you get settled with a company, ensure that they’ve got such coverage so you’ll both be protected.

Getting Pest Control Right 

At Definitive Pest Control, we treat your pests like unwanted guests – and we make sure to check all your boxes for the service we do. If you’re looking for pest control around Naples, FL, request a quote right away.

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